Reclaiming Sexuality from Religion Seminar

Do you struggle with sexuality because of your experience with religion? In this workshop, we will begin the healing process, addressing harmful religious teachings and practices. RSVP https://www.eventbrite.com/e/reclaiming-sexuality-from-religion-tickets-47578289946 to reserve a spot, sliding scale suggested donation. Formerly a minister, I help people heal from traumatic religion. Years of sexual repression from religious indoctrination often result in performance anxiety, sexual dysfunction, self-hatred, sexual abuse, shame, addiction, LGBTQ suicides, and broken relationships This seminar will also address narratives about sexual morality that impact all of us who live in a society influenced by Judeo-Christian norms, whether or not we grew up religious. Religious treatment of sex may be the most common type of sexual abuse in our world. Many of us were taught that our basic sexual impulses are sinful, even punishable by hell. Rejection of sexuality can also impact us in areas of life not directly related to sex, stifling our creativity and ability to relate to ourselves and other people. By addressing our experience of religious teachings and practices around sexuality, we can begin the process of reclaiming sexuality from religion. This event is also intended to inform the practice of helping professionals who work with people who struggle with their sexuality because of experiences with a religious tradition.

Listen to my podcast interview on The Shameless Sex Podcast: #65 Sex and Religion With Andrew Jasko.

Reclaiming Sexuality from Religion
Tuesday, August 14 at 7 PM – 9:30 PM
East Bay Community Space
507 55th street, Oakland, California 94609

About Andrew Jasko. Andrew was raised the son of a minister in a Pentecostal Christian church in New Jersey. Before he transitioned out of religion, Andrew’s career goal was to become a missionary to India to train Indian converts to evangelize their Hindu and Muslim families. Andrew studied Bible at the Evangelical Christian Wheaton College and obtained his Master of Divinity from Princeton Seminary. Religion was his life’s passion, but he suffered greatly from anxiety, depression, and guilt about his sexuality. After a slow, painful process of awakening and denial, Andrew realized biblical teachings were the cause of his psychological distress. Andrew quit his ministry job, left religion, and moved to California to start his life over. Andrew awakened to a new experience of spirituality through secular humanism, meditation, psychedelics, and sexuality. He is studying to become a psychologist in order help people transition out of traumatic religion by reclaiming spirituality. Andrew’s writings about exposing religious trauma, awakening spirituality, and healing sexually can be found at http://www.lifeafterdogma.org/. Contact Andrew for: Coaching, podcast interviews, articles, speaking engagements, retreats, andrewjjasko@gmail.com.

Format: Presentation, Q&A, Reflection: I will discuss how religious teachings and practices result in sexual trauma, answering the question: What happened? We will see how the issues have impacted us, and how they continue to play a role in our lives. We will discuss how to heal, change our understanding, and experience sexuality as something good and life-giving. Opportunity will be given for personal reflection and Q&A, but no one will be asked or pressured to share anything.

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Tickets: Sliding scale suggested donation $5-25. RSVP to reserve a spot: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/reclaiming-sexuality-from-religion-tickets-47578289946. Please donate as you are able in order to cover event costs and help make this resource accessible to the maximum number of people.