Podcast and Video Interviews

Exorcising Jesus and Reclaiming Spirituality with Andrew Jasko. Leia Friedman’s Psychedologist podcast. I share my story about how I grew up in religion and why I left, psychological abuses in religion. The relationship between religion, psychedelic exploration, and spiritual awakening. Psychedelics and sex, psychedelics as tools to help people heal from religious fundamentalism. Hope you enjoy and support Leia’s amazing podcast.

Fear, Guilt, and Shame: Psychological Abuses in Fundamentalist Religion. The Mindshift Podcast with Dr. Clint Heacock: “Religion is ultimately disempowering, claims Andrew, because you are taking the word of another person–an authority figure–not only to diagnose your spiritual problems, but also to provide the solution. This dynamic leads to all sorts of abuses: spiritually, emotionally, psychologically, and in terms of sexuality. Join us as we discuss all of this and more in this fantastic episode!”

Religious Sexual Indoctrination as Abuse. Regarding Sex Radio.

Sex and Religion With Andrew Jasko, The Shameless Sex Podcast: #65.