Andrew Jasko, Master of Divinity (M.Div.), Doctorate in Clinical Psychology (Psy.D.) in progress, offers:

* coaching for healing religious trauma and spiritual transition
* training for religious and spiritual leaders to integrate mysticism and psychedelics
* psychedelic medicine retreats
* podcast and video interviews, talks at conferences, churches, and events

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Andrew is a former Christian minister turned nondual theologian and religious trauma healer who teaches about the integration of psychology, spirituality, and sacred and secular traditions. He was born the son of a minister and became a preacher and missionary to India, after studying theology at Wheaton College and Princeton Seminary. As a Christian, Andrew’s relationship with God was his passion, but unhealthy religious teachings caused him an anxiety disorder, sexual repression, and spiritual disillusionment. After an agonizing crisis of faith, Andrew rejected religion and spirituality. Then, he had an unexpected spiritual awakening through psychedelics and mystical practices. Andrew writes about these topics and re-interpreting Scriptures through a mystical, nondual lens. Want to dive deeper into increasing your spiritual connection, healing from dogma, and transforming your leadership? Inquire about The Divinity Template Program for transformational spiritual leadership lifeafterdogma@gmail.com


Religious and Spiritual Leaders –

The Calling You Have is Real. Your Work Matters! But the Demands of Spiritual Life and Leadership Can be Overwhelming.

I know how you feel!

When I was a minister, I preached about spiritual empowerment but had only occasional spiritual experiences and temporary emotional highs. I suffered from depression and intellectual doubts about my faith and felt like a hypocrite. I was afraid to ask for help because I might lose my job or even my salvation. And I secretly hated prayer and spiritual practice because I got questionable results. I hoped this was just a passing phase and people wouldn’t notice, but things just got worse.

If you’re like me, a traditional education didn’t prepare you for the issues people face in the modern world, with access to limitless knowledge and diverse spiritual practices. Can we learn from other religions, science, and atheists without losing our spiritual center? And people are increasingly skeptical of fearful teachings about divine judgment and sexual control. What if we are unknowingly hurting the people we’re trying to heal? Maybe you are suffering from your own religious trauma in isolation because of your leadership position.

Let’s get real: Burn-out is inevitable if you keep doing things the same way. Many religious and spiritual communities are dying out because their leaders refuse to face reality. It happens like this: your passion starts to fade, attendance declines, money problems increase. You may feel trapped and fantasize about getting a different job. But what happened to your original calling?

I’m here to help! I am hired by religious and spiritual leaders who want to transform their leadership and spiritual connection so that they feel divinely empowered. When leaders work with me, I take them through The Divinity Template Program. The Divinity Template is a program that helps religious and spiritual leaders connect with their divine potential and lead from a place of wholeness and inspiration instead of brokenness and obligation. 

We use a simple process to work through obstacles, traumas, and questions that leaders have and help them connect with their deeper calling and intuitive spiritual practice. How it works is I’m hired to work one-on-one or in groups and we go through my signature Divinity Template Program over the course of 8 weeks. Every week we move through a series of modules designed to help the leaders I work with to transform their leadership and spiritual connection so they feel divinely empowered.

Book me to speak, work through the Divinity Template Program, or get coaching to heal from religious trauma: lifeafterdogma@gmail.com.