Coaching for Healing Religious Trauma and finding healthy spirituality that suits you

Have you experienced religious trauma or spiritual abuse? For many people, belonging to a religious group is one of the most important aspects of their lives, but it can also be psychologically traumatizing. Harmful religious teachings can crush your self-worth and self-esteem, leaving you anxious, sexually repressed, isolated, and powerless. Questioning your religious beliefs can be a terrifying process and losing your religious identity can feel like you’re losing everything and having to start over from scratch. People who have left a religious group may even suffer from Religious Trauma Syndrome.

If you would like to talk with me for support, schedule a free Inner Freedom Breakthrough Session. My intention is to help you feel deeply heard and supported, gain clarity, learn a few expert tips, and if it seems like I can support you further, see whether one of my coaching programs is a fit for you.


I’m Andrew Jasko, M.Div., MFT Trainee. As a former Princeton Seminary educated minister, I had to leave my religious faith and community because of the severe psychological trauma I experienced. After spending thousands of hours and dollars on my healing, I am considered an expert in healing religious trauma. My clients hire me to heal and find healthy, authentic spirituality that suits them. Join our Facebook support grouphttps://www.facebook.com/groups/religioustrauma

BOOK ME TO SPEAKandrew@lifeafterdogma.org about healing religious trauma and psychology, spirituality and mental health, interpreting the Bible through a mystical, nondual lens, psychedelics, and other topics. I also provide consultations for therapists and ministers and speak on podcasts and video channels.

About me: I was born into a minister’s family and became a preacher and missionary to India, after studying theology at Wheaton College and Princeton Seminary. As a Christian, my relationship with God was my passion, but unhealthy religious teachings caused me an anxiety disorder, sexual repression, and spiritual disillusionment. I felt alone, traumatized, and abandoned by the divine. After an agonizing crisis of faith, I rejected religion and spirituality. Then, I had an unexpected spiritual awakening through mystical and spiritual practices like meditation, psychedelics, and connecting my heart’s desires and intuition through my Divine Mindfulness practice. My passion is to help you in your spiritual, religious, or life transition to heal and find your authentic spiritual wholeness.