Human sacrifice is at the heart of Christianity. God slaughters his son, and humanity is supposed to be grateful and worship him for this. We “deserve” to have a human slaughtered for us, and this saves us. If we believe human sacrifice is wrong, why should we glorify or thank a deity who practices it and think’s it’s the ultimate solution? Don’t we condemn human sacrifice in other religions and cultures? Don’t we criticize violence in movies and video games? What about in god? God makes blood covenants and blood pacts with his people throughout the bible, often through animal sacrifice. Isn’t this what many Christians describe as witchcraft? Somehow justice is met by human sacrifice, and somehow the guilty are OK in court because someone volunteers to be punished instead of them (This never works in court, by the way). Human sacrifice is what many Christians would attribute to Satan, yet god not only demands it but elevates it to the highest level of morality. A human being is cruelly tortured and slaughtered in one of the most horrible ways imagined (crucifixion). Children are taught to meditate on this symbol of the cross as something beautiful. Christians develop fancy metaphors and rituals (baptism, hymns, moral living) around a truly vulgar and horrific symbol. This is a perversion of justice, not a satisfaction of it. Those who practice human sacrifice are brought to trial, not worshiped. Those who advocate human sacrifice are generally not regarded as moral exemplars in modern society. By advocating the cross as the solution to humankind’s troubles, are we not endorsing human sacrifice?