Hell is evil. This is obvious. Any idea that tells you if you question it, you will be tortured–that’s a trap designed to keep you in fear, to keep you from questioning its obvious faults. No one deserves to be burned with fire. A deity who tortures its creatures with fire is not god; it is “the devil,” pure evil. Hell and love are complete contradictions–don’t let a “god’s ways are mysterious” argument blind your common sense and moral instincts. What kind of belief is based on fear? Abusive belief is a mixture of fear and love. Leave abusive relationships behind, even if they call them “god.”

If you tell people they will be burned for not believing as you do–you are responsible. Not some book, not a divinity. You are the only person speaking these words; there is no voice from heaven saying them. You believe in torture, and if you teach hell, you are responsible for threatening to kill and torture other humans. This is not righteous, it is wrong. If you don’t agree with this belief system, all of the worst things will happen to you–that’s a psychological manipulation. Abusers and tyrants use arguments like this to keep their victims afraid and trapped. You don’t deserve hell; you deserve love. Hell has nothing to do with reality. It was born from human imagination, and we know the history of its invention. It was imagined by people who were oppressed by foreigners and wanted revenge on their enemies. Revenge is not justice–especially not burning most of humanity for not believing the same thing as you. That is injustice and wickedness on a rampage. A ruler of a country who tortures his citizens with fire is called a sadist. God is no different. Your idea of god doesn’t get some kind of exemption from morality–double standards of “divine mystery” that defy morality in any other circumstance is a way to make beliefs that are obviously immoral seem justifiable. It’s OK if I do it but wrong if anyone else does it NEVER works, most especially not for god. Torturing people with fire is never right, not by god or anyone else. Children are not born deserving wrath and fury. Children are deserving of all the best things the world has to offer. Hell is not a good way to raise your children, or to keep people obedient. Fear does not result in moral living. You will be a happier and more moral human being without terrorizing yourself and others with the fear of an imaginary nightmare called hell. Wake up and you will find that loving people don’t embrace torture as a way to motivate love or obedience. No one is going to hurt you if you question your beliefs.


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