Not only is homosexuality not a sin; it is beautiful and should be celebrated. It’s part of the natural order. The reason queer people commit suicide is religious people tell them they’re going to hell and need to change. Religious preaching against gays results in death. Words can kill. Conversion therapy (trying to change someone’s sexual orientation) does not work; this has been proven time and time again. Since conversion therapy does not work, perhaps god does not support the anti-gay agenda. I have never met a homosexual person who told me they chose to be gay. Why would anyone choose to be gay in a world that persecutes gay people? If you are a Christian and you think you are persecuted (the persecution complex), try being gay. I have never gone through this experience, but I have many friends who have. Most people opposed to homosexuality don’t truly know gay people. Their beliefs prevent them from ever being open enough to actually listen to gay people, to actually take their views seriously. We know from science (there is a complete scientific consensus) that homosexuality is part of nature and is to be expected in every animal population. There is no “gay agenda” to infiltrate society and change people. There is only a religious agenda to change gay people and prevent them from having basic human rights. We also know from study that even if people experiment with the same sex, sexual orientation tends to be more or less fixed. If we want to love our neighbors, and to love ourselves, let’s wake up to reality and consider that these beliefs are based on mentalities thousands of years old when slavery and oppression of women was also the norm, and there was no modern science or psychology to safeguard morality.


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