I hear, “I’m offended when you criticize my religion” and “you’re angry.” Consider this: I’m offended by genocide, slavery, hellfire torture, holy war, and manipulation. Sometimes these things even upset me. It breaks my heart when people with the best intentions feel they need to support some of the most awful ideas. I will criticize and oppose these ideas wherever I see them promoted, in any ideology or book. We all have the right to be offended in this country, that’s our First Amendment. Let’s imagine the ideas and words you see in the bible were written in another book. Imagine the word of god has nothing to do with that idea (genocide, for example). Would you support it or oppose it? That’s how we have to treat all ideas. Ideas contained within holy books have exactly the same consequences in the world as ideas written anywhere else, and are to be judged by the same standard. It’s not personal when we criticize an ideology. Ideas are not people. Certain ideas, like patriarchy and holy war, can be quite personal, however.