I remember the fear of hell I had when I was a Christian. I am free of that fear now. All people who believe in hell are terrified of it. It’s Christians who are tortured by the idea of hell, not “the unbelievers.” I was terrified of hell when I was the most sincere, obedient Christian. I lost countless hours confessing my sins or being afraid I might die and end up in hell if I “wasn’t right with god.” The fear of hell is in you powerfully if you’re a Christian, I assure you. You might not even realize it’s there, but it drives you in ways you might not recognize. There is hope, you can get over the fear of hell. Everyone I know who has left religion gets over the fear of hell eventually. When you wake up from Christianity, you realize hell was an untruth and just a very bad nightmare, a cruel trick. You feel much better! Hell is a very very manipulative and cruel tool that was used by powerful people to get what they want. It isn’t fair and it isn’t right. It isn’t right to terrorize people with nightmares and flashbacks of violent physical torture. People who believe in hell even threaten those who stop believing in hell with with hell; that you might end up in hell if you stop believing in hell. That’s crazy! You don’t deserve this kind of treatment. Hell isn’t real, it’s an illusion. We can all breathe a sigh of relief – phew! Humanity is not going to hell, and I don’t need to take on saving anyone! We can all relax and be more free to love the rest of humankind by fully embracing it and recognizing ourselves as part of it.