The teaching of original sin is the original sin. It’s where shame enters into the human psyche. The very definition of shame is that your basic identity and nature is faulty. If you tell people they are bad, they will start to believe it. The instinct of a parent is that her newborn child is mostly good, deserving of all the best things. But shame (original sin) tells us to say: “You are evil. You are bad. Bad child, wicked child! You are so bad that god had to be murdered for your crime of being born.” This is what original sin teaches. Trust your moral instincts; this is not reality. 

The teaching of original sin crushes self-esteem and confidence in your personal power. It makes you distrust and question yourself, your innate moral capacity. It creates a deep sense of guilt that is unhealthy and unnatural. It causes you to feel you need to be rescued and saved, and can never trust your own faulty decisions. Instead you must rely on what others tell you. Who are you to question their authority? You feel the need to constantly police and judge yourself, and everyone else’s bad behavior, especially those who aren’t saved like you are. What a prison! You are shameful, and god is good. God gets all the credit for the good things you do, and you get the blame for the bad. This is control based on shame. It sure sounds like abuse in every other context other than god saying it. Maybe the most sensible conclusion is that it isn’t of “god.”

We know from observation alone that people do good and bad things. But people mostly do good things when their needs are met. Bad is not the inclination of our hearts. You are not bad or deserving of punishment if you don’t believe you are bad and need saving. You are more good than bad. “Sinful nature” is a simplistic and inaccurate way to understand how humans think and act in the world. It doesn’t even make sense of bad behavior.
You are incredible. You are beautiful. You are capable. You are powerful and deserving of love and the best treatment. Just for being born! You will do good things and bad things, but your nature is amazing. I think that’s a healthier way to view yourself–and everyone else. You will be happier, you will be holier, and you will live more harmoniously with other humans. You won’t feel the need to constantly judge and feel bad about yourself, or the rest of the world.


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