The idea of sin is a lie. It’s a warped ideology created to sell you into a religious system by making you feel guilty. It calls you evil for being born (human). Sin says your nature is rebellious and you need to be punished. But I say, your most natural state is love, not evil. Armed with the ideology of sin, religious manipulators sell a product they call “love” and “grace.” They claim to fix you by breaking you first, by making you feel bad about yourself–you’re a bad person. We love you, we’re doing what’s best for you; in fact we’re saving you! You were born bad, and you are bad. You deserve death; judgment, for being a baby; for being YOU. Because of this crime (being born imperfect and human), you need to accept a religion that reminds you of your badness and makes you obey its rules to fix your “problem.” The problem is you, and the church (“god”) is certain it has the answers to fix your broken humanity. Deny your humanity, give up sex, don’t indulge in pleasure, believe what we say (=the bible), devote yourself to the holy book at all costs. This is supposed to fix “sin.”

Sin isn’t real: it’s a religious construct. The real problem behind people who promote the idea of sin is their lack of faith in humanity. Sin doesn’t help morality; healing does. We don’t help people who behave badly by putting them under a system of religious rules. We help them by telling them they ARE NOT bad just because they do bad things. Humans are mostly inclined to be good; we do good when we are healthy and have our needs met. Love is more natural than war, harmony is more natural than killing. The majority of humans in all civilizations want to live in peace with each other. If we want to improve morality, we must let go of shaming people and teaching them that they’re bad. Sin isn’t right. Shame doesn’t lead to moral healing. Love truly is the answer to the lie of sin. Instead of degrading ourselves, we should believe that love lives within our basic human nature. The most natural state of a human being is love, not rebellion. The solution is trusting in our own goodness, the goodness of humanity. Our love for each other comes from within. That’s the only source of love in all the universe. It doesn’t come from god: it comes from YOU.

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