There is nothing “universal” about Yahweh and no reason to call him “the one true god.” This deity is bad to the bone. Creating people and torturing them for the crime of not worshiping you is some serious Dr. Evil. There is no “god” and there never has been; there are only millions of gods, each very distinct and non-universal in its personality. The idea of a universal god is a myth.

I understand that people assume the ancient Hebraic tribal deity called Yahweh and Jesus is the only god. What I don’t understand is the readiness to trample on the deities of millions of other people. Yahweh was a very brutal deity. He proclaimed Israel to be a superior race and advanced his tyrannical reign among the deities by proclaiming his sole right to reign: he is the “one true god to rule them all.” But Yahweh wasn’t the first on the scene; he was conceived of within a polytheistic framework. It was only later that the Jewish people finally rid themselves of worship of other deities, and the Yahweh cult dominated Jewish worship (often by killing Jews who worshiped other deities).

Just look at the history of Yahweh and you’ll see brutality and violence. This violence continues as the scriptures that proclaim his holiness and universality continue to be trumpeted as the word of god. It’s the kind of brutality that results in loving people thinking it’s OK to threaten other people with fire and torture if they don’t believe in this deity, and then to expect us to respect that belief because “it’s my religion.” You don’t get to be bad just because you’re powerful (Yahweh’s definition of justice). Might doesn’t make right.

It takes a sense of self-assured righteousness to condemn others to hell for believing in gods that are more loving and more reasonable than this idea of god. It’s hard to discuss terms like respect and civil dialogue when your viewpoint is inherently judgmental to the point of eternal genocide against me and anyone who believes differently from you. It takes a lot of isolation from other religions and modernity to maintain this kind of view of reality, and this hostile posture towards other humans. Love and mutual respect are only possible when you give up violent ideologies like pushing fire torture on children.

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