God’s Final Solution is when Jesus returns to earth and slaughters most of humanity and nature with divine weapons of mass destruction to establish his reign as King of Kings. This is the Second Coming, the End Times. The “faithful” are taught to look forward to god’s destruction of the planet and human society at the Second Coming, as god will do away with “injustice” by destroying the “corrupt world” and starting fresh. Believers may celebrate after hearing news about wars and natural disasters, because this is taken as a fulfillment of biblical prophecy that the end is near. Apocalypticisim (end times teaching) tends not to work out well for climate change or environmentalism, as fundamentalists often believe God is going to destroy the planet, and then magically restore it. Why bother with conservation? Social justice is also suspect. If the world is going to hell in a handbasket and becoming more and more depraved, our attempts at progress are noble at best and counterproductive at worst. In fact, the world is progressing towards an antichrist system that will oppose Jesus’ final rule. Science, psychology, social change, environmentalism: all are suspect. Society (“the world”) is desperately wicked and sentenced to God’s final judgment. The world is only getting worse, and it continues to get worse. Our best strategy is to save those we can through conversion, and protect ourselves from becoming part of the anti-god secular (or false-religious) systems, lest we become the judged. This dark view of humanity outside of religion as hostile and anti-god serves to create a kind of paranoia of the world, persecution complex, and us-and-them mentality: the world is out to get us and to change our beliefs.

Fundamentalists are taught they are being persecuted by those who don’t believe, and this persecution will increase in the end times. Thus, they often isolate from “worldly” influence and education by setting up private Christian schools (or homeschooling kids), only seeing Christian therapist who use the bible in therapy, and avoiding secular culture generally. Learning that is not sanctioned by the faithful may be suspect, with the hidden agenda of corrupting the people of god and setting up an antichrist world system. Even technological advancement be suspect, as believers fear “the mark of the beast,” a symbol often interpreted as a computer chip use to set up the antichrist’s monetary world system.

At “The Rapture,” Jesus will come back and the believers will immediately be brought up to heaven to meet him. This is used as a scare tactic: Jesus could come back at any moment, and if you aren’t pure and right with god, you might get left behind and judged with the unbelievers. Frightening scenes of children coming home to an empty house and finding out they were “left behind” are presented to believers. (Not all Christians believe in these end times teachings; usually Evangelicals, fundamentalists, Charismatic /Pentecostals, and many Conservatives stress them. Nonetheless, they are commonplace Christian teachings). End times teachings inspire fear in believers: fear of god, fear of progress, and fear of the world. There are more productive ways to view our world and repair our harmony with nature and each other. We as a species have to decide if the solution to the world’s problems is to vote a dictator into power who wants to wipe out 90% of the population with weapons of mass destruction. That’s what we’re doing when we pray for Jesus to return.


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