There is no god in the bible. Denial, dishonesty, and disrespect for the bible and the history of Christianity are the foundation of Christian faith (not a commitment to “truth”). Christians do not truly study the bible or take it seriously. In the bible, there are several gods and ideas of god jumbled together to create whichever version of god was sanctioned by political and religious authorities at any given time in the history of Jewish/Christian religions. The so-called unchangeable objective moral standard of Christianity called god doesn’t even exist. There is no biblical god; there have always been several. Ironically, faith in god means denial of the god of the bible, who is a construct and ever-changing idea, morphing into entirely different gods throughout the bible and Church history. He was a polytheistic deity among many gods, then a trinity, then a Jesus-father combo, and the morphing of god continues to this day. Such is the human nature and origin of religion, god, and bible.

Christianity has killed people throughout its history in order to suppress different gods and ideas of god. The bible itself is full of wars and murders of people who held to different ideas of god. Most Christians refuse to accept the scholarly consensus and clear historical record that Yahweh (the Christian god) was a pagan deity and part of a pantheon in a polytheistic framework. He was then combined with other conceptions of god until he was changed into the one true god by Hebrews who used the war deity Yahweh to conquer and kill people with other deities or different versions of Judaism. Then Yahweh (the not so universal “god”) was finally added to a three-in one polytheistic deity called a trinity based on a completely fallacious interpretation of select biblical texts. The church authorities killed Jews and Muslims who rightly didn’t accept the trinity version of god because it is not monotheistic or even “biblical.” Christians proclaimed Jesus to be god along with god his father (again polytheism), something Jesus would have probably never agreed with (The statements attributed to Jesus in the book of John about Jesus calling himself god are widely accepted as theological dogma put into the mouth of Jesus that he never said).

Even Christianity hasn’t agreed on which god is “the one true god.” Many throughout Christian history didn’t accept Jesus as divine or the trinity, but they were suppressed or murdered by religious authorities, church councils, the pope, etc. Jesus continued with this tradition of stamping out dissent by condemning to hell every religious authority who disagreed with him about the nature of his idea of god and religion. The tightly constricted Christian worldview forces them to deny their own scriptures and shut themselves off to the complexity of reality in favor of a fantasy wish for an objective moral standard, and a god that does not even exist in the bible.

The religious only accept their own unsubstantiated claims about what they want the bible to mean (faith claims). Then they re-interpret scripture to support their claims, and ignore scriptures and knowledge outside the indoctrination system that don’t support them. This closed-loop system of thought is completely circular and designed to blockade any outside information that threatens the worldview. The indoctrinated are secure as long as they hold to this logic of illogic (circular thinking). “It’s true because the bible says so” really means it’s true because it’s true and it cannot be false. An indoctrination-based worldview is not primarily about faithful or honest interpretation of the bible: it’s a pledge of allegiance to select texts in the bible that support the religious worldview. The religious completely dismiss reason and research as the foundation of their religion Then they claim to love reason and research, attempting to use reason to support anti-reason based claims (faith claims).This is how indoctrination works; this is the intellectual prison of religion that keeps intelligent and honest humans lost in denial, and supporting genocidal ideologies like hell. This is suppression of critical thinking, which is actually suppression of religious freedom. How can you be free to think and choose religiously if your religion does not permit you to truly question its own claims?


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