The glory of god (worship) is the center Christian spirituality. Christians are demanded to glorify their deity in everything they do. This kind of religious leadership is also what we see in North Korea, with a whole society formed around the idea that everything is a means to the end of glorifying the Dictator. The Divine Leader forces his subjects to confirm completely to his cult and praise him at all times, or face his lethal death camps. Heaven and hell are no different. The biblical concept of god is nothing less than theological despotism. God was created by humans whose view of governance was informed by dictators who used any means to accomplish their ends and demanded worship from their subjects. The Kingdom of God as portrayed in the bible is the opposite of American democracy: it is complete tyranny. The theology of divine dictatorship, or god’s glory, justifies all of the worst crimes humans have thought of (hell, holy war, slavery, fear-mongering). All of these crimes have been committed in the name of religion. Everywhere and every time in human history that a leader has demanded spiritual worship and sought his own glory as the primary end of his rule, we have seen all of these atrocities happen. They continue to happen in the name of the glory of god up until this day.

Why would an enlightened spiritual being want to be worshipped? Any spiritual leader who demands worship from his followers should be avoided. Glorification of a leader is the essence of a cult. Good, ethical spiritual leaders do not seek their own fame or glory. They live to serve others. Humility is the basis of spiritual leadership, not ego or worship. Ego has no spiritual value; it is the very antithesis of spirituality. The god of the bible is no spiritual leader. He has devious ends and devious means. Let us seek a leader who cares more about his followers than his own over-inflated ego.


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