Christianity takes advantage of your fear of death as a selling point in its salvation sales pitch. Its product is death insurance (eternal life) and fire insurance (hell prevention). The product is a complete scam, since heaven and hell are manipulations created to inspire total devotion by incentivizing the fear of death. Fear of death is part of human biology. It’s a necessary component of our survival instinct, and it serves to preserve the ego, or sense of self. Buying into the con scheme of salvation results only in denial and suppression of this fear. Ultimately, the salvation message delivers the opposite of what it promises: it increases the fear of death.

The religious often find themselves more afraid when they are actually dying. Throughout their lives, they have suppressed their fear with unverifiable assurances, never facing their own mortality. In the Christian worldview death isn’t real. It’s basically an illusion, a blip in the screenplay of life. At the end of their lives, Christians often come face to face with the possibility that heaven and hell may not exist for the first time. Death may be final, or the nature of consciousness could be an altogether different thing from the Christian notion of a soul. We cannot overcome fear of death by taking comfort in promises based on no evidence, especially when we know so many divergent claims exist in other belief systems about the afterlife. These claims have equal or greater evidence. If we were brave and humble enough to be honest, we would be forced to admit we cannot know with any level of certainty what happens to us after we die.

The terms of the fire insurance pilfered by predatory Christian evangelists (protection from hell) are heavily conditional and subject to change based on the whims of religious leaders. The possibility of hell is always a live threat for Christians. Every Christianity (aside from the minority sects that don’t believe in hell) holds the live possibility of hell over Christians’ heads. Christians may lose their fire insurance either through finding themselves to be “false Christians” (not elect by god) or by losing salvation by failing to adhere to the system (“backsliding”).

The idea of life insurance in the multi-level marketing scheme that is the Church creates a ranking system of different levels of Christians with different levels of material goods in heaven. The superstars are those who go above and beyond in their obedience to the religious system, such as martyrs and missionaries. They acquire the greatest heavenly riches, while those who do enough just to get by and still maintain their membership to Christianity end up “like someone barely escaping through a wall of flames” (1 Corinthians 3:15). This is a highly materialistic and elitist pyramid scheme.

The only way to overcome the fear of death is to face it, and learn how to live with it. Christianity only results in its followers being dominated and controlled by their fear of death.


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