Christians take the resurrection of Jesus to be the central proof of their entire belief system. This makes zero sense; miracles prove nothing. Even if Jesus was resurrected, how would that lend credibility to even a single biblical teaching? If Jesus was resurrected, Christians claim, then everything the religion claims is proved true without further question. Christians even admit their beliefs are nonsensical, but then claim that the resurrection makes all the illogic magically vanish (1 Cor 15:12-19; 1:18-25). If I was resurrected from the dead and told you the moon is made of cheese, would you believe me? What if I told you the earth is flat and has four corners, as the bible consistently claims? Not only is the resurrection of Jesus improbable and completely without evidence, the teaching that miracles make making sense unnecessary is a hijacking of critical thinking and indoctrination hoodwink. If all the miracles of the bible were true (which they are not), theologians would still have all of their intellectual work ahead of them. The claims of the bible would not be true because miracles happen; ideologies cannot contradict plain scientific fact and basic morality and then claim miracle-based immunity from intellect.
Christians claim there is historical evidence for the resurrection of Jesus. They deliberately redefine the term evidence to mean “because the bible tells me so, therefore I believe it.” The only evidence of the resurrection is that the bible claims it happened. The bible claims the apostles and 500 people saw Jesus resurrected. You call that evidence? The fact that a religion was formed based on the claim that Jesus was raised is also taken as proof, for no one would have signed up for Christianity if the resurrection didn’t happen. Never mind the fact that the Jews, people of other religions, and Romans were present at the crucifixion along with Jesus’ followers and did not see any evidence for Jesus’ resurrection. Christians deliberately ignore the fact that every other religion and cult, of which there are thousands, has also based its credibility on miracles that its followers swear by. Why don’t Christians believe in these religions too, since they are based on the same exact kind of evidence they claims proves Jesus’ resurrection? We have no good reason to believe Jesus was resurrected, and many good reasons to believe he was not. But the idea that a miracle could make an ideology true is the greater deception. Even if I raised the dead and emptied all hospitals with my healing powers, two plus two will never equal negative five.
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