The main task of the Christian is to make other Christians. This evangelism, or conversion. Evangelism is predatory, dehumanizing, and objectifying. People thrive when they are encouraged to think and live for themselves. But evangelism turns them into dogma bots. As an evangelist, instead of seeing people as unique and special, deserving of respect, they become objects that must be manipulated to serve the needs of a system that demands messenger slaves. Evangelism is life-purpose rape. Instead of finding and living your own purpose, you sell yourself to the purpose of religious power. As an Evangelical Christian, I was taught that my main purpose in life is to tell people about Jesus. The reason we exist is to share the gospel message of salvation, the mechanism of indoctrination. Religious reproduction takes place mostly through childbirth and childhood indoctrination, and partly through conversion of non-Christians. Churches exist in order to start other churches in the hopes of evangelizing the whole world, so that everyone is turned into a Christian, or those who decide not to become Christians are murdered and tortured with fire by Jesus forever when he returns to judge the Earth. This is known as the Great Commission, and its the vision of Jesus’ followers for the planet. This is what I devoted my life to as an aspiring missionary.

Evangelism is predatory and exploitative. Missionaries search for vulnerabilities in their prey, such as poverty, drug addiction, loneliness, and find ways to contextualize the gospel message that exploits these needs so that people will be convinced to become Christians. Then Christians throw praise parties for themselves, telling everyone how good their religion is because they build hospitals and feed the homeless. They are preying on the weakest of the weak, cleverly concealing their moral ideal that the ends justify the means. If you feed a starving child, it’s all good to threaten him with hell if he doesn’t join your church. Why not use good means to fulfill good ends instead? Non-profits and charities do it all the time.

Conversionism makes human beings into tools, machines whose sole end is to be a cog in a perverted system that exists to propagate itself with no regard to the wellbeing of its constituents. The religion even commands its followers to kill themselves in order to serve the message if need be: this is known as martyrdom. Better for you to die in a blaze of glory by sharing the gospel then save your life and send your kids to college back home, I guess.

Most Christians have had the experience of being guilted with evangelism. “Being a witness” is the first priority of the good Christian. If we weren’t good evangelists, we weren’t good humans or good Christians. We weren’t fulfilling our life’s purpose. The reason we are even alive on earth and not with Jesus in heaven is so that we can save more souls. You were made to feel shameful or selfish if you weren’t constantly living so as to advance the message. We had to pray in public, share the gospel with our friends at elementary school, and search for any opportunity to shove a 30-second summary of the conversion message awkwardly into random conversations. Extroverts tended to thrive in evangelism-centered churches, and those with more reserved personalities were said to be ashamed of Jesus or living in fear. The used car salesman was the best Christian. Churches that grew through conversation were judged superior as “on fire for god,” whereas those that lost members were “backslidden.” The Church could never see that it was just as capitalist and selfish as the greediest tycoons. The church membership evangelism numbers game was profit-driven. Worse than financial greed, this system profits off the currency of human souls and human life energy.

Evangelism is contra human nature. No one is born with the idea of god. Children must be raised with it the idea, taught to fear it, love it, and pray to it. Indoctrination happens at birth, or “new birth” as conversion is commonly referred to, being “born again.” You were once born a free person, now you are god’s slave and a slave to an ideology that is not concerned with your most basic human right: the right to be human. We do not exist to serve someone else’s message. Every human is a unique and special message, and no one can be told or convinced of it. We must each discover it for ourselves. The message we must with each other is as simple as this: dare to be yourself.


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