Religious faith encourages people not to take responsibility for their beliefs and actions. It’s not my fault, it’s god’s design, the bible tells me so. I’m just a soldier in the Lord’s army, I didn’t give the order – god commanded me, they say. I’m sick of people blaming their bad beliefs and bigoted ideas on god and not taking responsibility. Stop saying god is going to punish you and instead say I am going to punish you. Stop saying god hates homosexuality and instead admit that you hate homosexuality. That’s what’s really going on here because you’re the only one saying these things; there’s no heavenly voice booming from the sky, it’s really all you and your voice.

Religion commands its adherents to be ignorant and irresponsible. My immoral and unscientific beliefs are just the way things are, I don’t have to do the hard work of considering inconvenient evidence or adjusting my outdated morals.  I don’t want people to go to hell and I hate the idea, but it’s god’s perfect design so I have to tell you you’re evil and deserve to burn for not believing in my religion. Anything that’s taught by the religion is considered too sacred to ever be questioned or thought about–when it comes to divine commands, humans are robots that do god’s will and don’t question divine authority. The bible says so means I’m not allowed to think; I’m a saint if I don’t think whenever my leaders (“god”) tell me not to think. Religion produces adult children who are as morally mature as the stone age people who invented the religions, millennia behind the rest of the world which has graduated from religious superstition and accepted reality as we’ve discovered it to be, not as our ancestors imagined it.

When people leave religion, they have to adjust to the complex task of morality, which means understanding I don’t know everything and no one person or system has all the answers. Morality requires us all to take our own thought process more seriously, because in the end, only we are to blame for our thoughts and actions. It’s time for the finger-pointing and coping out by saying god said it to end. It’s time for the religious to drop the pretense of divine inspiration and infallibility and own up to all the violence and immorality their bible commands, which the history of religion bears out. It’s time for the religious to come to the table of moral discourse not as a representatives of god, but as the humans they really are, just like everyone else.


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