Christian religion is based on a desire for revenge. Two wrongs make a right is its vision of justice. “An eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth” this is the justice set forth by the Bible and Jesus. The god the authors of the bible envisioned is committed to vengeance above all else. Revenge ironically only increases injustice; it keeps the wheel of violence turning forever. Vengeance is trauma begetting more trauma.  Revenge is a function of trauma seeking to resolve itself by using the same energy which created it in the first place. The traumatized seek to resolve their affliction by traumatizing others, who then seek to traumatize more people. Trauma is no basis for justice. This is seen first and foremost in the Christian version of ultimate justice known as hell. Hell is eternal revenge. Hell is the idea that all wrong is made right by means of maximum punishment with no hope for remediation. Revenge is actually a crime. Vengeance is not a function of wisdom. It’s childish and foolish violence set loose, and it only creates more of the same. Christian religion can largely be understood as an attempt to answer the question, “why do we suffer?” and “how can we make all the wrong right?” There can be no peace and no comfort for those who suffered violence within this worldview. Those who would live in heaven must live with the knowledge of hell; that their enemies are suffering the worst kinds of evil. Evil lives on forever, eternally, through vengeance. Hell does not destroy evil: it immortalizes it. Heaven would be no relief for the trauma of the so-called righteous, for they would live forever with a tortured conscience set ablaze with guilt over the wrongs their salvation costs – the eternal and senseless traumatization of billions of hopeless souls, all for the sake of a short-lived good feeling known as vengeance, which the bible calls the justice of god. Parents teach their young children that violence motivated by revenge is no way to get your way. It’s better to make amends, even to forgive and befriend those who have wronged you. We might expect a religious god to do better than a vengeful child, but the bible’s god and Jesus are no better. They constantly call for their enemies to be annihilated and tortured, and ask their followers to worship them for this sadistic distortion of justice. We must grow up from this religious childishness. It was excusable for a time, but it holds no water in a 21st century world with nuclear weapons and globalization. We have a world history with abundant examples of wars, violence, and exploitation motivated by revenge and always messaged as justice. Vengeance is the way of the bible’s god, but it is not the way of god, and it’s not fitting for a moral and spiritual humanity. Instead of vengeance, we all must learn the higher way of love.