Christianity suppresses spirituality by dividing nature from spirit. It preaches, there is a supernatural order that can’t be understood or accessed by science. The natural physical world, like our bodies, nature, and the planet, isn’t all that spiritual. It’s mundane and it passes away; only the things that live forever like human souls really mean anything in the end. This is not spiritual. The truest and quickest way to access spirit is directly through nature, like plant medicine, any kind of scientific inquiry, or art. Plain and simple experiencing of your own body or the material world is a direct gateway to the “supernatural.” What spirituality means is there is no true separation between material and immaterial. Spirit cannot contradict science, and science is spiritual. The viewing of ourselves as separate from our bodies, or the rest of all life and the universe as separate from ourselves–that’s the source of unspirituality and immorality. That’s the traumatic core wound. This is the kind of thinking that gave rise to the Christian notion of god as a separate being, supernatural, superior to the natural order he maintains by dominating it and exploiting it for his own worship and self-centered pleasure. It gave rise to us-and-them, conqueror or be conquered, competition for survival mentalities–the thinking that powers violence. The idea of a creator outside of and superior to his own creation, this is where division between material and spirit began for most of our Western society, the idea-sphere many of us are most intimate with. This spirituality as superiority view of things does not reflect the world we see, taste and feel, but it certainly reflects the idea of a tyrannical, superior-to-his subjects, warring tribal leader that we know dominated pre-Christian Ancient Near Eastern thinking when the Christian idea of god was conceived in the human imagination. There is nothing intuitive or natural about such a view of a god. Such a notion of god puts reality at war with itself, the supernatural over and against the material, and the material as always less- or un- spiritual. But the material world and the spiritual are merely two ways of approaching the same reality. There are some differences upon first approach; these all break down as we zoom into either the microcosmic, atom-level zoomed-in view, or the cosmic and macroscopic view of the perfect whole of all reality. True divinity means realization of the unity of all things, and the power of connection. Since everything is ultimately a unity, connection is the realization of our most basic nature and the nature of all reality–being one, connected thing. Science and spirit are the same, material and immaterial have equal value, and all separation and chaos ultimately break down into a higher level of harmony. The material is just as holy as the supernatural; to create any kind of hierarchy is to miss the fundamental point of the whole enterprise of existence.