What I am about to describe comes out of my experiences. The universe functions like a living organism. If it is alive, perhaps it is conscious. This isn’t far-fetched woo-woo; we know life has consciousness. If everything is infused with life and consciousness, the whole universe is my body and my soul. If I die, I have nothing to worry about, for my body transforms and my consciousness expands back into the greater whole that is me, the deeper me. It’s great to be separate little me, and it’s also awesome to be the sun and the stars. I am therefore completely safe and deeply held by reality-even if I lose my life or come to harm. My story, my life plays a part in the greater story, the greater life. I am in fact everything. I am the greater whole, I am reality itself divided and partitioned off into my individual ego, body-endowed being. When reality implodes back into itself in the exhale of this universe’s breathe, the reverse of the Big Bang, perhaps that’s a kind of reunification, a cosmic re-realization of the parts that they are the whole. Maybe I will become conscious of all lifetimes, all history and all matter. All is me, and I remember everything. What a mystery to behold; what would that be like to be aware of everything, of all time, of all space – of eternity. Do we all become god, so to speak? Or were we already god in infinite ages past, and now we are god rediscovering itself again. Since I am everyone and everyone is me, that means everyone’s life is as my own. Love therefore makes sense as the fundamental thread that holds reality together. I must love the other as myself for the other is myself in an ultimate sense. If everyone’s life is my own, that means I get to live everyone’s life; I need not feel limited by my own death, as if I needed to have eternal life because I want to try everything. I do get to try everything, in the final reunification, all experiences become my own, as they really are. This is sublime, it’s surreal, could it be reality? Surreality? These ideas have come out of my spiritual and psychedelic experiences; I’ve had real encounters of my consciousness expanding beyond my body, and other things I describe, and this kind of cosmic nondual awareness of reality arises from my mystic states and thoughts inspired from them. I find that these ideas are remarkably mirrored in the ideas of certain Eastern traditions. What I am saying is an expression of my spiritual imagination; I’m not claiming divine or scientific inspiration. But there’s something epic going on here.