I am god. You are god. Everything is god. It becomes impossible to mistreat people or the planet when we realize the divinity of everything. Love becomes the only way of relating that makes sense. This truth is experiential, not intellectual. It is a spiritual experience available to everyone, and necessary for our evolution. Humanity is experiencing a cosmic existential crisis. Who am I? What is the nature of reality and my place in the universe? Our problem is that we’ve forgotten who we are, so we don’t know how to relate to ourselves or each other. You are god, and so everything. All is one, all is divine. Everything is ultimately related to you because it’s a part of you. How can I hate myself if I am divine? How can I not constantly wish for the highest good of everyone, if I see recognize myself in them, and them in me?

The statement that all is god is considered the highest blasphemy by most Western religions, but it is the central tenet of spirituality. God is not a separate outside creator, standing apart from the world and judging it. All of reality contains the basic attributes of godhood. It is eternal, self-aware, alive, all-powerful, uncreated and self-creating, sacred. This is not New Age, woo woo, or Hindu; although these belief systems generally recognize this truth. It makes sense if we look at what we know. All reality is connected at the atomic level, a change in anything in the most microscopic level shakes the whole cosmos. Reality is alive, functioning at all levels like an organism. It dies, is reborn, breathes, and gives birth. It is conscious; in the very least we know humans are reality realizing itself consciously; who is to say the rest of everything is not also aware? From tools of conscious experiencing, combined with scientific observation, we are peering into the nature of matter and consciousness (spirit). Our observations cohere; we find that reality is a unity, and it is immaculate. The ineffable beauties of the cosmos evoke awe and wonder, or worship, in those observers who realize their mysterious connection to it all.

Experiences of the divinity of all (god-consciousness or enlightenment) can be occasioned by almost anything: art, a psychedelic, dreaming, scientific inquire, sex, or a seemingly mundane life experience that provides a window into deeper reality. The spiritual experience of godhood can be found hiding even in the Western religions, although this truth is usually subordinated or suppressed by deity-as-dominator frameworks. The mystics throughout the ages to the present day (those who experience reality through expanded conscious states) have almost unanimously proclaimed this truth.

As we seek to promote the healing and evolution of our world, it is essential that each of us regularly experiences the truth of our divinity. We can facilitate these spiritual experiences through various means that are available to all people, with or without finances. It is our most basic human nature and human right, and there are many ways of accessing it. It is imperative that we routinely experience self-divinity and find the discipline to prioritize divine self-realization practices above all else; lest we forget and fall into unconscious, lesser ways of living and relating.

God-consciousness can only ever be an experiential truth. Statements like “all is god” sound trite or silly to the un-initiated; that’s because words can only serve as an invitation to imagine this reality. Words are entirely insufficient to describe it because the entire point of the matter is experience. Imagine with me: what would it feel like to be united with the whole universe, conscious of everything. What would it feel like to be both eternal creator and finate creation in the same moment? Such an experience is certain to transform your life and entire perspective of basic reality. How could it not? But as long as we remain distant intellectual observers, we can never hope to existentially (or intellectually) grasp this deeper truth.

Will you join me as I make god-consciousness my first priority and routine? This is spiritual food, the bread of life, eternal bliss. Will you join me in the cause of creating opportunities for people to experience god?