I wanted inspiration for my seminar on reclaiming sex for religion, so I went on a medicine journey. Wild! I experienced myself as a woman being fucked by a man. Vagina, clitoris, breasts–I felt them all, in my energetic feminine body (or something like that?) How much pleasure she experiences and how differently, I feel like I got a window into that. My energetic lover and energetic female body experienced climax together. Then I became pregnant. I felt what it was like to carry life inside me. I gave birth to a child and felt what it was like to be hooked up to another life form I created via an umbilical cord. Then I felt my child sucking on my breasts, it was sexual and intimate and sacred, all at the same time. My consciousness expanded, and I felt myself as birds having intercourse. I expanded again, this time into the stars. I felt the magic of interstellar sex. The cosmos also procreates, it also has bodies of its own. That kind of intercourse feels quite different too! What a wild ride! Needless to say, I think I got my inspiration for my seminar on sex and religion (I have no idea how this all will impact my own sex life :)). This experience certainly breaks several religious boundaries on what sexuality is and should be. Suffice it to say, sexuality is the most natural stuff there is. Sex is happening all the time in everything in nature. You cannot call nature wrong for being itself as it was meant to be. You are nature, and you never deserved to be shamed or manipulated for embracing your desire. Sex is the bliss of creation, creating and being created by itself. God must be jealous!


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