There is something profoundly spiritual about light. It’s more than a metaphor. It’s the white light people see when they die. I’ve been spending time in mystical states just gazing at light recently, soaking in life. Mystics from all the major religions speak of an inner light that guides us and brings us back home to center when we go astray. Light interests with inspiration, love, guidance, and life energy somehow. Light is also connected to evolution, as we are creatures who survive off the energy of the sun, and our eyes are adapted to a light-based existence. What is it about light? I’ve been told that people also experience this white light state of bliss in meditation; that Buddhism describes this as a common phenomenon, a certain state of consciousness one can achieve. I want to gaze more deeply into this mystery. I have also noticed the shiny face phenomenon. Certain people who live in love and inspiration seem to have shinier faces, lit up with some kind of a something else. I suspect there is more to light therapy than meets the eye.