A few Christians have informed me I’m a false prophet or antichrist leading god’s people astray because I speak up about religious abuses. You have to ask yourself, what kind of teaching threatens anyone who questions it? This is what all cults do: they terrorize people who are on their way out with FEAR. Why, in the Bible, are there all kinds of labels designed specifically for anyone who speaks up? Antichrist, false prophet, blasphemer, doubter, sinner, reviler, mocker. Multiple Bible passages warm of horrible fates for people who disagree with the message. All the more reason to doubt the teaching, and run away fast! This is just a cheap tactic to retain membership. Some loving message. This is a ban on critical thinking. Let those who proclaim others to be false messengers first examine their own teachings. If you proclaim yourself to be a spiritual authority (as evangelists do) and threaten anyone who questions that authority (as the Bible does), how can you ever talk to me about leading people astray or being concerned with their best interests?