It is easy to use manifestation (law of attraction) as a psychological bypass. Hear me, I speak as a therapist dedicated to spirituality; the way to our heart’s desires is honesty about what we really believe, the negative stuff. The treasure of health and wealth is found in facing yourself honestly, getting to know the you you don’t like and are ashamed of, and throwing a blanket over that you and holding it through the healing tears. This is therapy. Visualizations can help us get what we want; they are powerful, and the universe is abundant. But many (or most) who teach manifestation push your hottest desire buttons: health, wealth, and love. This is great for making money (theirs, not yours). Very few of them are trained, balanced healers. There is a kind of magic to the universe (or rationality), there is a way of getting ourselves aligned with it. It is through, not around.