Transpersonal Hour Interview: Healing Religious Trauma and Experiencing Divinity: Watch my interview on the Transpersonal Hour Show with Anna Bobikova about realizing your divinity and healing religious trauma. The talk criticizes fear-based elements in religion and secular materialism and also highlights their love-based insights. I’m also available for speaking engagements and podcast interviews on these topics. You can find more about my Divinity Template Program, Divine Mindfulness Meditation, and writings on combining divinity with secular humanism at

Andrew Jasko, Master of Divinity (M.Div.), M.A. Counseling Psychology in progress, offers:

* coaching for healing religious trauma and spiritual transition
* trainings for religious leaders to integrate mysticism and psychedelics
* psychedelic medicine retreats
* podcast and video interviews, presentations at conferences, churches, and events

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Bio: Andrew is a former Christian minister turned nondual theologian and religious trauma healer who teaches about the integration of psychology, spirituality, and sacred and secular traditions. He was born the son of a minister and became a preacher and missionary to India, after studying theology at Wheaton College and Princeton Seminary. As a Christian, Andrew’s relationship with God was his passion, but unhealthy religious teachings caused him an anxiety disorder, sexual repression, and spiritual disillusionment. After an agonizing crisis of faith, Andrew rejected religion and spirituality. Then, he had an unexpected spiritual awakening through psychedelics and mystical practices. Andrew writes about these topics and re-interpreting Scriptures through a mystical, nondual lens. Want to dive deeper into increasing your spiritual connection, healing from dogma, and transforming your leadership? Inquire about The Divinity Template Program for transformational spiritual leadership



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