I see myself wildly succeeding beyond what I am able to imagine is possible for me!

Do you?

Every time you heal or take action in a new way aligned with your heart’s desire, your eyes are opened to new horizons. Your realm of possibility expands; your previous impossibility becomes your baseline reality. Living in your unimaginably awesome fullness of life becomes possible once you learn to combine your imagination with your creative passion and healing.

Genius inventors change the world by dreaming wildly. Imagination is key to creating your best life! When you imagine, you allow your dreams to run wild and free from the crippling restraints of fear and limitation. Previously inconceivable realities spring into being in the womb of your imagination. The unreal begins to really exist as imagination. Impossible incarnates as Possible; it is conceived in the imagination and birthed into the physical.

To enter the imaginal, dreaming space, you must create space in your life and find intentional practices and ideas that open up your access to the deepest parts of yourself (This is also known as spiritual practice.) By entering into the dreaming space, you can contact the impossible and create seeming miracles in the world through natural means.

Imagining the fulfillment of your desires is like working out for the brain. When you think bigger, you grow bigger. Your mind evolves to catch up to your newly expanded imagination and vision of what’s possible for your life. Your psychological system seeks homeostasis; it must develop its other capacities to fill the gap in consciousness created by the newly expanded imagination. Your brain grows by forming new neural networks, and new mental strategies result. Creating your dreams becomes natural. All of the parts of yourself–body, mind, and spirit–are mobilized to reach their maximum efficiency. Peak states of performance become automated by the self as new behaviors. Evolved new ways of thinking become engrained habits–new and advanced technologies of the self.

But without healing, it is impossible to create your dreams. Many people fail to manifest their vision because they skip over the healing process. Healing is what enables you to take effective action. When you combine imagination with healing, your suppressed fantasies and desires are liberated to energize your newfound dreams. When your heart is freed, your desires align with your newborn imagination and you begin to imagine and feel yourself acting on your dreams. You begin to feel safer and more empowered to take the risks required to act on your dreams. Healed and inspired, you are becoming a better version of yourself, and your growth is exponential because new changes multiply the effects of others. Constant evolution constantly creates new levels of flourishing.

But all of this usually begins with a crisis. Some tragedy strikes you out of your complacency, and your desire for change begins to grow stronger than your fears. For most people, radical transformation is only possible when they are driven by extreme discomfort to imagine a different possibility. There is a conflict between where you are and where you want to be–and a new possibility can be birthed out of this conflict! The determination to heal germinates and blossoms in the space of inner conflict.

You cannot fully connect with yourself and your abilities if you are unhealed. Many people fail in life simply because they fail to prioritize their healing. Untended wounds that inhibit you from dreaming wildly or desiring freely will keep you from becoming who you were born to be, the brightest and most fulfilled version of yourself.

You do not need to resign yourself to an unfulfilling, ineffective life. You can succeed in creating the life of your dreams if you allow your heart’s desires and imagination to grow bigger than your fears and take the risky feeling action of saying “yes” to your healing.

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I’m Andrew Jasko, Master of Divinity (M.Div.), Masters in Counseling in Progress, and I work to help you transform your trauma into the place of your power and connect to a healthy, authentic spirituality that works for you (whether that’s as a spiritual not religious, atheist, religious, transitioning, or agnostic identifying person). I was born into a minister’s family and became a preacher and missionary to India, after studying theology at Wheaton College and Princeton Seminary. As a Christian, my relationship with God was my passion, but unhealthy religious teachings caused me an anxiety disorder, sexual repression, and spiritual disillusionment. I felt alone, traumatized, and abandoned by the divine. After an agonizing crisis of faith, I rejected religion and spirituality. Then, I reintegrated a healthy spirituality through mystical, spiritual, and mindful practices. My passion is to help you to heal and connect with your authentic spiritual wholeness.


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