Coaching Sessions

Andrew Jasko, M.Div. studying for a Doctorate in Clinical Psychology (Psy.D.) offers coaching sessions for religious trauma recovery, spiritual transitions, and sexual healing. Are you questioning your religion in isolation? Did you leave religion years ago, but still suffer from guilt, obsessive fears, isolation from family, or issues with your sexuality? Do you struggle with finding a new sense of purpose, and long to have profound experiences of spirituality? Leaving a religion is one of the most challenging life crises a person can face, on the level of losing a loved one or having a divorce. Religion may have been your entire way of life and identity, and now you have to start over with no guidebook. The process of transition can be confusing, lonely, or even dangerous, and there are few therapists who have been trained to work with these issues. Often, people struggle with depression, loss of ability to work, and symptoms similar to PTSD. But there is hope. I have observed many people who transition, and there are predictable patterns of grief, struggle, and growth. It is important that you speak to someone who understands the issues and has experienced what you’re going through. Instead of spending years spinning your wheels suffering needlessly, you can speed up this process and get your life back together. Additionally, many wonder whether life will be as meaningful again. Is a spiritually dry kind of atheism the only option, or if I try other spiritualities, will I fall into the same traps that caught me in religion? I believe there are spiritual experiences that most religious and atheists never know–without the baggage. We can integrate secular humanism and spirituality seamlessly and without contradiction. I have studied and experienced numerous forms of Christianity and I work with people from numerous religious background. My credentials include a BA in Ministry and Biblical Studies from the Evangelical Wheaton College, a Master of Divinity from Princeton Seminary, and current training for a Doctorate in Clinical Psychology. I was formerly a minister and missionary before I left religion. I’m I offer coaching session packages. Schedule a free session with me today Let’s partner together to rebuild your life. You will come out of this a stronger, more powerful person in the world.