Coaching Programs:

To hear more about a coaching program or sign up for one, schedule a Free Transform Trauma into Power Session. In this session, my intention is to help you gain clarity and support, learn a few powerful suggestions, and see whether one of my coaching programs is a good fit for you. Contact me andrew@lifeafterdogma.org

Life Afer Dogma Religious Trauma Coaching Program: Are you questioning your religion in isolation? Did you leave a religion years ago, but still suffer from guilt, obsessive fears, isolation from family, or issues with your sexuality? Do you struggle with finding a new sense of purpose, and long to have profound experiences of spirituality? The process of transition can be agonizing, and there are few therapists who have been trained to work with the issues involved. Often, people struggle with depression, loss of ability to work, and symptoms similar to PTSD. But there is hope. Instead of spending years spinning your wheels suffering needlessly, you can speed up this process and get your life back together. Additionally, you may wonder whether life will be as meaningful again. Healing is possible, and you can rediscover a beautiful and profound spirituality that works for you, whether that looks like atheism, spirituality without religion, or a healthier form of religion–without the baggage. 

Transform Trauma into Power Program: All traumas and limiting beliefs can be healed by doing inner work and connecting to a deeper place of wholeness within. Without inner transformation, our external world (relationships, mental health, money, purpose) will continue to frustrate and disappoint us. You can live the life of your dreams from a place of health, wholeness, and power. Are you sick and tired of being sick and tired and ready to say enough is enough? Then the Transform Trauma into Power Program is for YOU
In this program, you will:
• Learn to heal and transform your trauma into the birthplace of your power
• Resolve limiting beliefs and behavioral patterns that are keeping you from thriving in your personal life and career
• Get to the core of what’s holding you back and find real solutions from within yourself
• Process early attachment and relational patterns that hold you back from intimacy and the relationships you crave

The Divinity Template Program is a process that helps religious and spiritual leaders connect with their divine potential and lead from a place of wholeness and inspiration, working through obstacles and blockages that leaders face to connect with their deeper calling. In the process, we use a set of simple questions to work through obstacles and blockages that leaders have and help them connect with their deeper calling. How it works is I’m hired to work either one on one or in groups, and we go through my signature divinity template process. Every week we move through a series of modules designed to help the leaders I work with to transform their leadership and spiritual connection so they feel divinely empowered.