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Life Afer Dogma Coaching Program: Are you questioning your religion in isolation or suffering from spiritual abuse? Did you leave a religion years ago, but still suffer from religious fear, depression, PTSD, fear of hell, isolation from family, or issues with your sexuality? Do you have a hard time finding a new sense of purpose and long to have profound experiences of spirituality?

Have you already tried to find help but have not connected with someone who really gets it? Many of my clients have spent years or decades trying to chip away at their religious indoctrination and trauma through books, podcasts, and even therapy with someone who isn’t trained in religious trauma. These are GREAT, but there’s nothing like individualized help dedicated to your needs from a specialist.

There is hope. Instead of spending years spinning your wheels suffering needlessly, you can speed up this process and get your life back together. Healing is possible, and you can rediscover a beautiful and profound spirituality that works for you, whether that looks like spirituality without religion, humanism, or a healthier form of religion–without the baggage. My clients see major breakthroughs and even total remission from the fear of hell, community isolation, sexual issues, reclaiming their power, and more in just a few sessions, after carrying these for years. I am confident you can create the freedom you crave.

In this program, over the course of 3 months

· You will receive 10 55-minute sessions of personal coaching from me targeted to your specific life situations, history, and your own psychological and spiritual makeup.
· Information and teaching from my 15 years of experience studying and teaching spirituality and psychology tailored to your needs
· You will be empowered to find answers and power within yourself
· You will gain specific tools for your lifelong journey of healing, transformation, and self-actualization
The program is customized so we will cover the things on this list relevant to you and dive into any other relevant issues that come up that aren’t included.
We will cover:
-Healing and transforming your trauma and connect with your personal power
-Processing limiting beliefs and behavioral and relational patterns related to indoctrination that are keeping you from thriving with relationships, finances, and emotional health
-Beginning to deeply heal your religious trauma, including but not limited to:
o Religious fear, including judgment and doctrinally-based phobias and fear of death
o Religious anxiety, obsession, and depression
o Guilt, shame, low self-esteem and self-worth, feeling sinful, broken, and not good enough
o Trusting yourself, connecting with your body, intuition, intellect, emotions, and consciousness
o Connecting with your body, enjoying pleasure and the simple things of life
o Difficulties with sexuality, relationships, and indoctrination about gender
o Community isolation and relating to religious friends and family
o Grief work and moving on
o Relating to emotions
o Integration of religious past
o Personal power and responsibility
o Deconstructing past worldview and reconstructing a new framework for approaching life
o Intellectual challenges, developmental stunting, relating to the secular
o Identity healing
o Finding meaning and purpose
o Heal from spiritual abuse and disillusionment, explore and connect with spirituality in a healthy, authentic way that suits you
o And other issues of indoctrination that are holding you back, specific to your needs, religious past, and personal psychological makeup and history
The program is held in a gentle and supportive way. Many people are understandably afraid to open up and face their trauma. However, my clients report that their energy and mental and emotional space are freed up. When our traumas are unresolved, we are already “facing” them and their painful impact in our lives constantly. Though bringing up trauma can be painful, there is also often immediate relief. You will find the support and techniques you need to gently navigate and release your religious trauma and indoctrination, and come into newfound wholeness.
Apply for a free Inner Freedom Breakthrough Session here: Schedule Appointmentfor more details and to see if the program is a fit for you.

When I began working with Andrew, I was devastated from a dream living situation and job opportunity that had fallen apart. Because this crisis happened simultaneously with one of the greatest spiritual awakenings of my life, I was overwhelmed, confused, and in emotional turmoil. Part of me felt like I was going to be stuck with this forever. Andrew skillfully navigated me through difficult mental and emotional terrain with a calm and steady presence. With his help, I was able to see into fresh territory in this domain that had plagued me, including how my traumas, childhood history, and past religious background played into my present situation. After a few sessions of working with Andrew, I had experienced a big shift. I was able to transform my painful situation into a stepping stone for becoming a greater version of myself. I learned to ground and integrate my spiritual experiences. Now, my life is quite strikingly different. I developed my own Entrepreneurial brand based on extracting the gems from that challenging situation and I’m now making a living doing what I love. – Jonathan