Group Program

Discover how to heal from religious harm and indoctrination (without spending thousands and wasting years) so you can enjoy life and spirituality

Are you frustrated because you’ve tried to heal the psychological and spiritual harm of religious indoctrination, but nothing has worked, and you’re desperate to move on with life and find a healthy spiritual connection?

The fastest way to end this struggle is to learn proven techniques and teachings developed by professionals who understand what you’ve been through, in a gentle, supportive format with a healing community of peers

Whether you’ve been struggling for years or are just getting started, it’s possible to jumpstart your healing and begin a thriving, spiritual life QUICKLY. Many of my clients have followed my step-by-step system and found total relief from lifelong struggles

In this program, you will discover how to:

» Get to the root of your religious trauma and break through cycles of distress
» Reclaim your identity, life, and community
» Find a healthy spiritual connection that’s right for you
» Connect with a private community of other people healing from religious harm
» Benefit from powerful healing practices and teachings that have transformed the lives of my clients

Through Live Video Calls 2x monthly, trainings, high-caliber group coaching, and a deeply supportive private community forum, you’ll be empowered to heal and enjoy a thriving, meaningful life

It’s time to heal your religious trauma and step into your freedom!

“I used to be constantly miserable, wondering if I’d ever recover from my religious past. After this program, my mind feels completely different. I wake up each day feeling fresh and excited, and I’ve discovered myself and the life I want to live.” – Jenna

Start date: January 4, 2x monthly live calls 5:30 Mondays PM PDT, 90 mins
August 2 Early bird monthly support group calls with exercises

To see whether the program is right for you to or sign up, schedule a free Inner Freedom Breakthrough Session