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Life After Dogma YouTube Channel: Videos on various topics related to healing religious trauma and spirituality.

“Many religions claim to provide mystical union, but they fail to deliver anything more than emotionalism, hype, and manipulation. Mainstream Western secular philosophy — and many in science who embrace it — have reacted to religious abuses by dismissing or avoiding non-ordinary and expanded states of consciousness and their implications for healing and human potential. This is beginning to change as scientists, Eastern mystics, shamans, and healers are coming together to research and apply the healing and transformational benefits of mystical experiences and to explore their implications for the nature of reality. In this talk, we will examine how to explore mystical spirituality and stay grounded in rationality.”

The God Complex, The Non-Sequitur Show: We take a deep dive into deconstructing Evangelical Christianity and discuss several of my articles on topics including the trauma triangle of victim-persecutor-rescuer in the Bible and Evangelicalism, fascism in the Bible, and the article, “Is Evangelical Christianity’s God the Devil?”

Biblical Fascism, Religious Trauma, and psychedelics: Cheers to Leaving Podcast: “Oh HELL yes (see what I did there?) we are talking to Andrew Jasko today about religious trauma, psychedelics, hell, healing and much more. You might need a glass of wine for this one cause we’re diving real deep.”

Healing the Trauma of Hellfire Indoctrination, Ask Doctor Death Podcast: Our conversation covers a lot of ground, from religious trauma syndrome and childhood hell indoctrination to the use of psychedelics to assist individuals in releasing oppressive, fear-based religious ideas and reclaiming a  healthy, authentic connection with spirituality.

Reclaiming Spirituality with Andrew Jasko, Mormons on Mushrooms Podcast: We discuss: Leaving organized religion (Pentecostal), profound similarities between Mormonism and evangelical Christianity around sexual repression and purity culture, recognizing and healing from religious trauma, reclaiming spirituality, finding purpose and meaning and connection post religion, changing the narrative of your life, psychedelics as a tool of healing through experiential spirituality.

Rebuilding a Sense of Self: Coping with Religious Trauma Syndrome Mindshift Podcast: What exactly is trauma, how can you begin to cope with religious trauma, and is there life after we leave it behind? How religious trauma breaks down your sense of self, healing from fear of hell, spirituality, and many other topics.

Treating Religious Trauma with Psychedelics, Mindshift Podcast: Andrew is on the vanguard of an exciting new field of research and experimentation: using psychedelics to treat such issues as PTSD, Religious Trauma Syndrome, and many more. Listen in as Andrew expands our consciousness as to the incredible possibilities that this fascinating work represents.

Andrew Jasko, Life After Dogma, Everyone’s Autonomous Podcast:  Together, we discuss “secular spirituality”, the “Self”, “ego death”, “surrendering” to “nature”, and so much more, all within a framework of trying to be as responsible as possible with our word use. It’s a pretty friggin’ nuanced and exciting conversation. If you’ve been struggling with your internal voice/experience post-religion, this is a good episode for you.

Mysticism The Right to Reason Podcast: We discuss the integration of mysticism and psychedelics with science and religion, “God?”, ways of mystical practice, and limitations and psychology of traditional philosophical scientific materialism, nonduality, and more.

HARMONIC ATHEIST – Andrew Jasko: Reclaiming our identity after religious indoctrination

Healing Hell Trauma: 2021 International eConference on Religious Trauma
Purchase the full 1.5 hour video along with all conference videos here: www.gcrr.org/religioustraumaconference

Healing Religious Trauma Through Psychedelics, 2021 International Conference on Religious Trauma
Purchase the full 1.5 hour video along with all conference videos here: www.gcrr.org/religioustraumaconference

How to Live Life After Dogma video interview

Religious Trauma with Andrew Jasko, Trauma-Informed Lens Podcast

What is Religious Trauma? Andrew Jasko 2019 ATP Transpersonal Psychology Conference Lecture

Healing from Religious Trauma with Andrew Jasko, Crown and Chacra Podcast

Life After Dogma, Religious Trauma, Psychedelic Spiritual Awakening, NonDualism, and Hidden Trauma with Andrew Jasko The Sex, Psychedelics & Spirituality Show: We chat about methods of spiritual awakening with and without psychedelics, why people undergo “bad trips,” and nonduality. We go through ways to recognize if you are experiencing the aftermath of trauma and don’t know it, and the common ways that religious trauma can show up in your life.

Life After Dogma with Andrew Jasko Part 2 Pragmatic Christian Podcast: My upcoming book “The God Complex,” dynamic spiritual/religious/humanist practices, developing a healthy ego, the power of transcendent experiences, ecospirituality and the Climate Change Denial Apocalypse, psychological splitting and projection in our prejudices and self-rejection, critiques of uncritical versions of atheism… and much more.

Checkin’ Religious Trauma Recovery The Shek Check Podcast: Summary of major psychological damages caused by religious indoctrination, how mental “disorders” are formed in response to trauma, and much more.

Experiencing Deep Spiritual Connectedness Men on Purpose Podcast: On this episode, Andrew joins Emerald to share the painful loss of identity he suffered as his Christian faith unraveled and the powerful spiritual awakening that followed. He explains his philosophy around the connection among all things, discussing how to use medicine work, meditation and breathing techniques to experience this sense of unity for yourself. Andrew also weighs in on the dangerous narcissistic ideology of survival and success that drives our world and offers advice on finding a sense of joy in the creative process. Listen in for Andrew’s insight around the ‘hard work’ that is suffocating our souls and learn how to extract yourself from dogma by embracing the healing path.

Religion of Trauma The Life After Podcast: How trauma works, how trauma is tied into the history of the development of the Judeo-Christian worldview, religious mind control, anxiety, and emotional repression, Yahwehism and the historical development of a narcissistic god image which informs predatory capitalism, spirituality and reconciling with nature, and more.

Mindfulness: The Right to Reason Podcast: Understanding the benefits of mindfulness and how to develop a meditation practice.

Life After Dogma with Andrew Jasko Part 1Pragmatic Christian Podcast: Deconstruction of Fundamentalism and discussion of religious abuse

What is Spirituality? on the Think Spiritual Podcast: What spirituality is and how to cultivate it, bridging atheist and spiritual communities, experiencing science as spiritual, spiritual pitfalls, the work of healing, avoiding manipulation and error, healing the natural world.

Guide to Healing Religious Trauma Part 1  Pilgrims and Prodigals Podcast: Overview of how trauma works, the nature of religious trauma, the process of coming out, practical tools and guidance for healing religious trauma, how psychotherapy works.
Guide to Healing Religious Trauma Part 2  Pilgrims and Prodigals Podcast: Second part of series on healing religious trauma.

101 DMT LSD and Psilocybin with Andrew Jasko The Right to Reason Podcast: Discussion of Psychedelics, spirituality, and atheism

Healing Religious Trauma Through Spirituality The Mindshift Podcast with Dr. Clint Heacock: How to experience and reclaim spirituality coming out of religion or a form of atheism closed to spiritual experiencing, what it looks like to stay grounded in rationality and open to spiritual experiences. How to heal from trauma through spirituality, how the Protestant work ethic has led to a culture of mental illness and emotional repression in the US through making worth a function of worth, learning to relate well to our emotions, how the gospel message creates anxiety, drug-like dependence, and enslaves spirituality, and more.

Dealing with Religious Trauma  Left at the Valley Podcast: Overview of the psychological abuse of the Bible, Religion as Slavery, Psychological Splitting and Dualism in Religion

Exposing and healing the psychological abuses of religion  Interview on the Non-Sequitur Show, including my story coming out of religious life and career, and the use of psychedelics for healing: “Sex, Drugs & Jesus: A Psychedelic Journey from Faith | Andrew Jasko.”

Reclaiming Sexuality from Religion Talk Video at California Institute of Integral Studies (CIIS) 12/6/18. By addressing our experience of religious teachings and practices, we can begin the process of reclaiming sexuality from religious repression and societal structures of oppression like patriarchy, LGBTQ discrimination, purity culture, and more. Share away!
Reclaiming Sexuality From Religion Talk: Audio MP3

DRP 21 Andrew Jasko: The nature of religious abuse, psychedelics, mental health

Voices of Deconversion Podcast Interview  Hear my full story and current studies on religious transitions and trauma: my religious upbringing and career in Christian ministry, my life crisis and transition out of religion, and my work today on religious trauma and tips for those struggling through a religious transition or healing in the aftermath.

Exorcizing Jesus and Reclaiming Spirituality with Andrew Jasko  Leia Friedman’s Psychedologist podcast. I share my story about how I grew up in religion and why I left, psychological abuses in religion. The relationship between religion, psychedelic exploration, and spiritual awakening. Psychedelics and sex, psychedelics as tools to help people heal from religious fundamentalism. Hope you enjoy and support Leia’s amazing podcast.

Fear, Guilt, and Shame: Psychological Abuses in Fundamentalist Religion  The Mindshift Podcast with Dr. Clint Heacock: “Religion is ultimately disempowering, claims Andrew, because you are taking the word of another person–an authority figure–not only to diagnose your spiritual problems but also to provide the solution. This dynamic leads to all sorts of abuses: spiritually, emotionally, psychologically, and in terms of sexuality. Join us as we discuss all of this and more in this fantastic episode!”

Religious Sexual Indoctrination as Abuse  Regarding Sex Radio.

Sex and Religion With Andrew Jasko  The Shameless Sex Podcast: #65. 

LOVE FROM THE HYP WITH SAKURA SUTTER 12 – 06 – 18 GUEST- ANDREW JASKO Andrew Jasko who is currently getting his doctorate in Psychology, but not long ago was a Presbyterian Minister having gotten his Master of Divinity from Princeton, talk about his struggles with Religious Trauma as well as how he reclaimed his sexuality, spirituality, identity, and sanity from religion. Hear how he is helping others today through his own journey.

Scatting for Jesus Not Another Atheist Podcast

A Divine Quiz With Andrew Jasko: The We in Me Podcast