Support Group

You are welcome to join the Facebook support group, Healing from Religious Trauma, Discussing all Perspectives on Spirituality: https://www.facebook.com/groups/1814392878715410.

This group is for all people who are recovering from religious trauma, who have experienced it in the past, who are just interested in the topic, who want to help people heal from it (therapists, coaches, ministers), and for discussing all perspectives on spirituality, religion, and science. You are welcome regardless of your worldview, whether you identify as spiritual but not religious, religious, atheist, agnostic, or something else. Debates and critiques are welcome. This is a safe space to openly and honestly express your disagreement or negative experience with any belief system, including anger and frustration, and to get help and emotional support. If you are not able to hear disagreement and critiques of your beliefs, including peoples’ frustration and experiences of harm from those beliefs, this group may not be for you. Please invite your friends, spiritual or religious leaders, skeptics, and anyone else who might be interested so we can grow this group.