Christian purity culture is sexual immorality masquerading as purity. There is nothing more sexually immoral than shaming people for being sexual. Religion is the most sexually abusive system of all time. Religious sexual purity teaching is psychological sexual abuse. Telling someone they should be ashamed for being sexual is criminalizing being human. Sexuality is sacred. Religious abstinence is unspiritual and perverse. Religion proclaims a message of purity and sexual morality in the very same sentence as it condemns people for having sexual desires, being gay, being sexual while not being married, masturbating. How hypocritical to say you care about the sexual health of society as you destroy people’s sex lives and spread sexual dysfunction like it’s an STD. Controlling sexuality is a sure-fire way to repress spirituality. If there’s such a thing as god, it’s the act of sex, because sex is the closest thing we have to creation. Stifle sex and you stifle the very force of life that invigorates us all. Controlling people spirituality by oppressing them sexuality is sexual-spiritual rape.

The Bible is chock full of sexually immoral teachings. The Bible teaches shame, enforced sexual mutilation (circumcision), female subservience, killing of gays, sexual repression, sexual starvation (chastity), victim-blaming, direct association of sex with hell, no sex in the afterlife, menstruation is dirty (ritual uncleanness)… and so much more! What a sexually immoral book. How could you center your moral code on this book so full of sexually immoral ideas and end up with anything but a sexually repressive ideology? No wonder we see so much sexual abuse follow religion. It is a sexually perverted system. No one who proclaims the bible to be the words of god has credibility to call anyone sexually immoral.


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