As I look into the abuses of Christianity, I’m amazed at how much darkness there is in this religion. It almost seems intentionally maniacal. There are many dark rituals, much “black magic.” The god is the best devil, he is far more satanic than any fallen angel. This religion is full of false messaging and deception, proclaiming its supposed virtues (for instance, justice), then perpetrating crimes that are the polar opposite of its claims (the most extreme injustice possible: hell).

Many Christians want us to accept the religion as good for some people or benign because it does a lot of good and helps a lot of people. But the ends never justify the means of shame, torture, human sacrifice, manipulation. Christianity does good by laying an abusive and predatory foundation. We are supposed to overlook this because it also does good? The mixture of good and evil is the problem; if it was all evil, no one would accept the deceptions. Surely the worst dictators of all time did a lot of good for many people, but the whole foundation of their reign was brutality. I wish my observations were extreme. But I think the acceptance of evil in the name of good ends by Christians is perhaps the worst, most extreme deception of all.

Certainly, many “liberal” Christianities do not practice most of the extremes, functioning more like community centers than religious cults. However, even the more “progressive” religions are dishonest about their own bible, how full of immorality it is, how amazingly human it is. They do not take about half of the bible seriously, because of its gross immoralities and unscientific claims, and they label Christians who do take it seriously as extremists. Their dishonesty about how extreme many of their claims are and their refusal to give up their religious traditions that have been invalidated gives cover and credence to the more extreme forms of the religion.

There’s nothing progressive or liberal about more moderate Christianities, for they all base their most central claims on Iron Age ideology (the bible). There is value in many religious traditions. But the most central rite of Christianity is human sacrifice (the crucifixion of Jesus). Christianity is a human sacrifice dark art death cult. There’s no modernizing human sacrifice; it must be condemned in all its forms. There’s no beautifying the idea of sin, which is essentially shaming people just for being human. There’s no escaping the murderous intent of a deity who imagined the eternal genocide doctrine called hell. Surrendering your life and soul over to any deity or spirit is always a bad idea, even (or especially) if this spirit claims to be your savior and lover. This religion’s most central claims, which are some of the most foundational claims of the bible, are plainly sadistic.


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