I saw a vision of heaven. There was a sign at the entrance, “No suffering here.” There were little kids blowing bubbles, and the city was an enchanted castle reminiscent of a Disney set. Laughter and play were everywhere. I saw unicorns, sea horses, Pegasus, elephants, mermaids, and so many animals. Apparently heaven is filled with animals! Heaven is not a physical place. Heaven is an individualized experience. It is a state of mind we each carry within ourselves. We can tune into it any time. Heaven is a reminder that spirituality is not all about suffering. Suffering is not always spiritual. Sometimes the more spiritual thing to do is to transition suffering into pleasure. Suffering will show up sooner or later; we need not seek it out. Play, pleasure, and divine ecstasy are a part of being human. We need them to be alive and vibrant in our world. Return to pleasure, and the gates of heaven may open up to you.



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