Many of us have learned to associate sex with hurtful things. Reclaiming Sexuality means breaking those negative associations by giving yourself healthy, life-affirming messages. Sex is not about shame, abuse, or fear. This is what sex means: Love. Life. Pleasure. Connection. Passion. Healing. Set-exploration. Giving. And so much more. But especially love. Sex and love are a match made in heaven: they are meant to be experienced together. Let us wed sex and love, let us marry them in our thoughts and hearts, in how we portray sex in our conversations, and in the way we go about the sacred act of love-making. Let this association carry itself into the media, and inspire new advertising, better porn, and happier people. We can change our entire culture’s approach to sex. We inherited the current culture, but we can give our children something different. It begins within the associations of our hearts and minds. This would be a sex revolution.



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