Worrying is a powerful tool for self-development and growth. Worry is our heart’s way of getting our attention, telling us it needs to be heard, seen, and loved. If we deny the voice of worry and push it away through spiritual practice – meditation, church, yoga – we lose track of our own dreams, what makes us most alive.

By paying attention to the voice beneath your worries, you will create a more spacious, abundant, sustainable life for yourself and the people you impact. It’s easy for me to push my worry away or ignore it; when do, I push myself away. In these failures to embrace myself, I lose sight of who I am in the world, and I fail to embrace life and fully live it. Rather than trying to stop worry, I get excited when I become aware of it. That way I can become more free, more loving, conscious, alive. Worry is sometimes a sign of health. It can be a blessing in disguise, a way our hearts speak to us to keep us living long and well. Blessings!


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