The mass killings and sexual violence committed by dogmatic biblical religions are a small evil. The hidden dragon is the enslavement of the human race. Millions of lives to the slaughter, commanded by the Holy Word of God, weigh up as sawdust on the cosmic scales in comparison. The Bible calls all human beings God’s slaves in plain language. This is a fate worse than sex slavery. At least as a sex slave, you may have your own mind. In biblical slavery, you do not have a mind, a body, or a spirit. Everything must be God’s, my Master.

My Master, why do you beat me, my God? Why do you burn me with hell in my mind? Why must I worship, why must I pray. Why do you hurt me when I fail to? Why must I give you my heart and my soul. Am I good enough… Am I loved or am I sinner? What must I do to deserve your affection? I am secretly so afraid of your anger, though I hide it from you. Because you love me, do you still? I’m so sorry, please don’t take your love away from me my Master, my Jesus.

Jesus gathered twelve disciples and commanded them to live and die for him. Why do you hurt me my Jesus? He commanded them to travel the whole world and do the same. Each disciple must gain his own followers, who must go and do likewise. This must happen again and again until there is no free soul left on earth, or in hell, or in heaven. Jesus calls this the Harvest of Souls, the Great Commission. What is this Great Commission? It is God’s plan to enslave the human race. Your life is not somebody else’s to tell you what do to, how to die, who not to sleep with.

Dear human, you are not a slave. God is not your master. Dear humanity, you are so precious. You do not need someone to give you your freedom. It is your birthright. Please join with me, close your eyes and pray this prayer, out loud or in your heart. Repeat after me: I am a free human being. I am infinitely valuable and my nature is love. To be loved and to love without restrictions. I am not saved; I am alive and I am free.

Andrew Jasko, M.Div., speaks about exposing psychological abuses within religion and reclaiming spirituality. Jasko is a former minister, trauma recovery coach, and is working towards his doctorate in clinical psychology.

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