Omniscience means divinity is “all-knowing.” Omniscience has been traditionally understood as an attribute of God, something inaccessible to human beings. But understanding human nature as divine (godliness), omniscience can be applied to everyday people, literally or symbolically. Omniscience is a holistic ever-expanding conscious awareness that goes beyond intellectual knowledge to include other ways of knowing like bodily knowledge and spiritual insight. It a question-based, living approach, not a rigid, dead-end certainty. No human being can come close to perfect knowledge; we are finite. Religions have often made the mistake of confusing religious certainty with spiritual knowing, adopting an attitude of close-mindedness and dogmatism. Tragically, this blocks the openness necessary for spiritual experience to flow. Certainty and pride are opposite to the kind of knowing we seek.

Omniscience is an orientation towards life often described as faith, an empowering inner confidence that is available when we understand our connection to life. All the knowledge you need to fulfill your divine purpose is known to existence (the greater self of which you are a part) even if it is not consciously available to your mind at any given moment in finite time. You simply need to align yourself with reality in order to access the infinite flow of divine knowledge, continuing to take the best actions in alignment with the knowledge you presently have.

The omniself (godself) is a way of describing our experience of being when we connect our inner self with the self of outer existence. Some like to use the metaphor of relationship to understand this experience of connection because it is not mechanistic or meaningless: it is living and between living things. The universe is organized like a massive, living ecological system with constituent living parts that interact and participate in webs of larger living systems. Science demonstrates that all matter and consciousness is connected in relationship. All of it evolved from the first particles of the Big Bang into human bodies and consciousness. Millenia of mystical inquiry (psycho-spiritual experiencing) demonstrate this material relationship can be personally experienced.

If divinity is understood as a symbol for the creative life connection between human nature and nature, then a “relationship with God” (or yourself within Self) can signify the process of accessing this living connection through consciousness. Many have described this connection between self and nature as a higher power. It is fundamentally within but also reaching to the beyond without. Various worldviews tend to appreciate one aspect of divinity and neglect the other, construing it either as a transcendent (theism), entirely separate divine being or as a fully self-contained essence (humanism). Disconnection from either aspect can result in a sense of meaninglessness, abandonment, powerlessness, futility, a separation of human nature from nature.

Using Intuition to Connect with Divine Awareness

“The Kingdom of Heaven is within you” and also the outside world. It is everything, but our experience of everything that exists in the material world as mystical, as wonderful and divine, is not always easily available in our day-to-day consciousness. That’s why people use breath-work, sound, mystery school techniques, meditation, or psychedelics to open up and expand their ability to access the various facets of consciousness. This way, they can experience the benefits of the mystical-psychospiritual more readily and get a higher perspective on life from the limited self-encapsulated viewpoint we get caught up in as a function of the normal hardships of being a human being.

Yet perhaps the quickest and most reliable way to connect with omniscient awareness is through intuition. Intuition is your umbilical cord to the universe. It connects your consciousness with the greater whole of life, your innerverse (internal world) with the outerverse beyond. Intuition can be conceptualized as a dialogue, a channel of communication between your conscious mind, your unconscious parts, and perhaps elements of existence you are connected to entirely beyond (the collective unconscious, other consciousnesses, greater consciousness, etc.). Intuition is the radio channel the various parts of existence can tune into to communicate with each other.

The universe is holographic, containing and communicating all the information of which it consists. All information exists “out there” in the universe or “in here” inside our minds, and we discover it through various means like science and mystical experiencing. Many inventions and breakthroughs have occurred throughout human history through pure intuition, even simultaneously to different people in different places at the same time. Some attribute this to omniscience or “channeling.” The living connection we have to unknown parts can seemingly “drop” knowledge into our awareness.

Many in modern society have been cut off from their intuition through an excessive emphasis on the intellectual aspects of human awareness, especially pronounced in the educational system that trained us how to learn and navigate in the world. Intuitive, emotional, and bodily ways of knowing are rarely emphasized in modern society and are often discouraged as unreliable methods of learning. However, as psychology, science, and spirituality continue to develop, these ways of knowing are gaining more prominence. Intuition should not be trusted blindly; it can be tainted, blocked, or confused by ulterior motives and beliefs. However, intuition plays a vital role in our lives, especially when it comes to living a life of meaning, purpose, loving connection, and taking action when we don’t and can’t know everything.

The key to the life of faith and intuitive knowledge is that it is what we need when we need it (“We live by faith, not by sight,” 2 Corinthians 5:7, NIV). All knowledge exists in an ultimately timeless, transcendent nondual dimension of reality, but it is not available to awareness, as we exist in the realm of finite, time-bound, separate-self awareness. Love, like knowledge, is a fundamental attribute of divine existence (omnibenevolence). By comprehending that existence is ultimately and foundationally loving at the core, we can rest assured even as we lack knowledge yet make important decisions. As we do our best and live forward into the unknown of purposeful living and service, we can take comfort that by utilizing the intuition and knowledge we have, we are staying connected to our divine core and the divine core of the cosmos.

The Eye of Providence is an ancient symbol that represents resting in the uncertainty of divine knowing. The eye represents the knowledge that “I am seen, I am heard, I am held” in the cosmic womb of divine connection. The light represents the spiritual illumination that comes results from resting in this knowledge through intuition (faith). The Eye of Providence is contained within a triangle because the triangle is the most secure geometrical shape, representing the total security that can be had through resting in the awareness of omniscience, even in the midst of feelings of insecurity, uncertainty. Conversely, resting in anything apart from this awareness is an unstable position. The triangle also represents the Hebrew Tetragrammaton; the name of God that means “I am,” symbolizing an abiding, aware self-defining presence of creative potentiality that comes with divine knowing (faith). May this symbol give you a comforting reminder of divine mindfulness, the awareness that divinity is the living expression of loving connection. It is not having all the answers all the time, all at once, but the right answers at the right time as we align divinely.

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